1. Kiszony banan

    Sounds like SocialMediaApi used in our company 🙂

    Can you recommend tools / your way to emulate android on PC ? Maybe you know tool that will be work similar to inspect in G Chrome ? Fast search elements of structure or content inside program ?

    • re

      My way is fairly simple. I’m using my old rooted SG3 smartphone, as “emulator” for the applications. From what I’ve been reading emulators are slower, compared to real smartphone running Android. There is one product (sorry, I forgot it’s name) that allows you to emulate your application in almost every device, but its not free, and not even close to the cheap shelf. Thus that’s why I’m not using Android Studio default emulator or any other.

      BTW, Chromium > Chrome. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome#Privacy)

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